Confidence and Goal Setting Programme

Do you feel stuck? Not sure where you want to go or do next? Do you want to feel more confident and gain self-belief?

Learn to:

  • Understand what motivates you, what makes you tick, your values and what drives you.
  • Feel more confident, fulfilled, ready to achieve and motivated.
  • Identify your own focus and direction.
  • Visual tools and techniques to promote self-worth and how to achieve your desired goals.
  • Feel positive, empowered and ready to make lasting change.
  • Understand your own value and worth.

Reducing stress and anxiety programme - Do you feel like you are trying to juggle everything? Do you compare yourselves to others or people on social media? Are your expectations of yourself causing overwhelm in your own life?

Learn to:

  • Gain perspective on where your stress comes from.
  • Focus on positive goals and abilities whilst releasing stuck behaviours.
  • Gain clarity and focus on what you have control over in your life.
  • Have insight and awareness into your own behaviour, values, thought processes and how to get them to work in a positive way for you.
  • feel more confident, positive and empowered and excited about your life.

Happiness Programme - Are you stuck in a rut and want a to feel more positive about life? Do you want to work on your self-esteem and self-worth?

Learn to:

  • Learn what your motivations in life are – Do these make us happy? What makes you tick?
  • Reflect on how you measure and value the happiness in your life and how to be grateful.
  • Examine self-care and how putting ourselves first can help us to help others.
  • To feel positive, excited, focused and ready to embrace the best version of ourselves.

Coaching Teens

I have worked in the third sector for the last 13 years. This has included extensive direct advocacy work, project management, restorative justice, missing young people, youth engagement, Policy lead, Child Sexual Exploitation within the Police and Crime Commissioning team, Senior Management positions and training. Merging my passion for coaching and its transformational results, alongside my expertise in working with Children and Young People has led to the development of this course. There is such a vast array of self-development, self-awareness courses, books, groups, webinars, podcasts and online programmes built for adults. However, there is virtually nothing for young adults. It seems as if we are waiting for them to have failures in navigating the world as adults, THEN, we allow them to build their own tool kit of resilience and understanding their own values and understanding of themselves. Young people need to feel empowered, motivated, passionate, focused. Determined to be the best version of themselves, with the most transformative results. We need confident, happy young people who are living by their own measure of success, with a growth mind set and positive outlook. We want to equip them with a tool box to help them improve their accountability, resilience, confidence, happiness and a real understanding of who they are, what they want from life and an understanding of their own strengths and skill set. Allowing young people to understand how to rid themselves of limiting thoughts and beliefs and negative self-talk that holds them back. Coaching promotes self-reflection, exploring values and goals for the future. I use exploratory questioning and tools, techniques, and development as part of the coaching process. Coaching is based on understanding. Understanding of behaviours, of negative thought processes, understanding why we feel “stuck”, understanding our own resourcefulness and our own worth. That we are very adaptable and capable and have the answers to our own problems. Through tools and techniques, the coachee can understand what drives them as a person, what their motivations are and gain real perspective on how they are and where they want to be. Coaching can challenge limiting beliefs, but most importantly explores how you can take resourceful action to change your own future for the better. With new understanding and knowledge, that is you that have the answers and the skills, knowledge and resources to make changes for yourselves.

From the 6-week course devised Children and young people will:

  • Feel positive, excited, focused and ready to embrace the best version of themselves.
  • Gain insight and clarity about their own behaviours, values, dreams, needs and plans and how to get their desired outcomes.
  • Promoting confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, prioritising themselves and how to maximise their positive strengths in their lives.
  • How they identify themselves and what motivates them, what makes them tick and possible personality traits.
  • Gain understanding and perspective by becoming more aware of their own thoughts, generalisations, processes and transference.
  • Identify triggers to overwhelmed, stress or anxiety. To gain focus and clarity by to evaluating and focusing on what is within their control and learning strategies to lessen the effects of anxiety, stress and overwhelm.
  • Improved resilience and wellbeing by acknowledging and developing strategies to deal with social and peer pressures. Discovering motivations, promoting their own leverage of skills, achievements, strengths and knowledge.

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