What Is Coaching

Coaching promotes self-reflection, exploring values and goals for the future. I use exploratory questioning and tools and techniques, and development as part of the coaching process. How are you being understood and listened to, and how are your needs being met, or not as the can be. Coaching is based on understanding. Understanding of behaviours, of negative thought processes, understanding why we feel “stuck”, understanding our own resourcefulness and our own worth. That we are very adaptable and capable and have the answers to our own problems. Through tools and techniques, the coachee can understand what drives them as a person, what their motivations are and gain real perspective on how they are and where they want to be. Coaching can challenge limiting beliefs, but most importantly explores how you can take resourceful action to change your own future for the better. With new understanding and knowledge, that is you that have the answers and the skills, knowledge and resources to make changes for yourselves.

I Coach In Four Different Aspects

Teenage Coaching Course: I have worked in the third sector for the last 13 years. This has included extensive direct advocacy work, project management, restorative justice, missing young people, youth engagement, policy lead, child sexual exploitation within the Police and Crime Commissioning Team, senior management positions and training. Merging my passion for coaching and its transformational results, alongside my expertise in working with Children and Young People has led to the development of this course.

Coaching for individuals who want to gain clarity and focus to lead a richer more fulfilled life: do you feel stuck in a rut? Feeling unfulfilled? Does your life lack direction? Is it Eat/ Sleep/ Work Repeat? – Coaching can help! Coaching looks at the future and how to break through barriers that are stopping you from living your life to the fullest. Coaching can help get clear on your goals, become focused and take action!

Corporate coaching: working with organisations who want to look at the stress and anxiety in the workplace, and promote wellness in the workplace. Aiming to lower long-term sickness, improve productivity and motivation in staff. Wellness at work is based on making strategic, measurable differences to the employee and the work-place alike. It is not just based on making people feel positive and take action, it is a practical way to achieve goals showing tangible results on productivity and performance. Helping to increase the autonomy of staff and work-related stress.

Empowerment and self-esteem courses for women: working in a group environment for women to acknowledge their limiting beliefs and learn tools and techniques for lasting change. Are you always trying to keep other people happy? Do you worry about how people view you and feel pressure from social media? Do you feel that you are juggling everything, with impossible expectations, causing stress and anxiety? Do you feel that you have forgotten who you are, or what you want for your future?

If you have answered yes to any of the above then I have a course/programme for you! Get ready to understand what makes you tick. To identify your values, goals and ambition. Gain confidence, understand your own value and worth. How to silence your inner critic and be true to who you really are.

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