How helping yourself can help others


How helping yourself can help others

I had been plodding on with life, doing the best I could. Promotions in work and raising my three children.

But, I was very aware that I had no time to think and reflect. I hadn't taken the time to really process everything that had gone on in my life. I had experienced lots of changes - moving house and a divorce I needed to start living life intentionally, and take stock. I knew that the beach, and preferably the sun was where I feel most at peace and in the flow.
I wanted to go on holiday .......BY MYSELF, just me! Nothing to worry about, other than deciding whether to go to the pool or the beach! No one to care for.. just myself!
But... then the guilt and worry crept in..
I had never been far my myself before. What woud people think? My mums guilt sky rocketed at the thought of leaving my children to be spoilt by their grandparents!
I felt sick with anxiety, so out of my comfort zone - but knowing I HAD to do it! To address my fears and heal.

I realised that I needed to understand my own worth and that I couldn't give to others if I had nothing left to give.

Its like the analogy of the aeroplane and the oxygen mask. In an emergency, you need to put on your own oxygen mask first before you can help others to put on their own!

Going away and taking time for myself helped me to realise how far I have come and see all that I had achieved. To look within, and live intentionally instead of sleep walking through life.

By taking a leap of faith, I knew my own resilience and power. I knew what I wanted,and learned to dream big!

What is your leap of faith that your deciding to make?

"The boundaries of your life are merely creations of the self."

With love


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