Are You Meeting Your Own Needs?


Are You Meeting Your Own Needs?

A few years ago, I had no idea who I was or what I wanted from life. It was just eat / sleep/ work/ take care of kids/ repeat.

When I remember back to this time, I felt lost, frustrated and resentful. On the outside it ooked like I had everything anyone could want. On the inside I felt empty., with no idea of what would fill me up!

I tried buying things to make me feel better, or eating things to make me feel better..... but these only lasted for a few minutes.. never really touching on the underlying issue..

The buying and eating then made me feel guilty, in debt, and gaining weight... making my self esteem drop even lower.. This made for a great cycle of despair!

I knew that I had no idea who I was any more. I was someone's mum, a daughter, a sister a friend. All roles I knew how to play well, but these roles were for other people. I had no idea of how to be authentically me!

I think that we are conditioned, especially as women to believe that looking after yourself is selfish.That we should care for others and put their needs before our own. We are notorious for people pleasing, saying "yes" when we want to say "no," keeping the peace and being last on the to do list!

Tony Robbins has stated that there are 6 human needs -

CERTAINTY - The need for safety, stability and control

VARIETY - The need for challenge, excitement and change.

SIGNIFICANCE - The need to have meaning and feel wanted and important.

LOVE AND CONNECTION - The need to feel approval, attachment and love to other humans.

GROWTH - The need for constant development and learning.

CONTRIBUTION - The need to give beyond ourselves, to give and serve.

I would encourage you to reflect on these 6 human needs - How are you meeting your own needs? Which one of these needs is the most important to you?

This will start the exploration of what you want more of in your life... and sometimes more importantly- What you don't want!

Begin to visualise, imagine and play with what the possibilities could be! Lets stop playing small and start

putting ourselves first!

I would love your feedback on the blog! I hope you enjoyed.
Nat xx

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